Permaculture Challenge #5 - Produce no Waste

posted Jul 20, 2015, 3:01 AM by Family Organics

I guess the obvious way to produce no waste is to have interlocking enterprises where the waste from one element in our systems becomes the resource for another eg garden weeds to rabbits; rabbit manure to worms; worm wee to the garden; worms to chooks; chooks,weeding and fertilising the garden and so on.
However, the waste that has been particularly on my mind is my time and effort. Winter is a good time to ponder on the way we do things and to try to streamline our systems for the new season.
I'm trying to get away from feeding commercial feed to our ducks and chooks so positioning elements like crops and compost/worm piles to allow for self feeding can save a lot of time each day. I've already got several compost worm piles stategically positioned around the food forest area to provide high quality protein ie worms. Now I'm planning where best to grow the veges that I'm planning as bulk feed for them, (and us too for that matter). Things like pumpkins, (Kamo kamo do best here), Jerusalem artichoke, corn and sunflowers. The chooks will be rotated through the food forest and will be able to help themselves, maybe with a little help from me, to whatever is ready while they're in each area.

So, just one example of trying to streamline my workload in order to "Produce no Waste".