Permaculture challenge #3

posted Mar 28, 2015, 8:26 PM by Family Organics

It's been so long since I last wrote that the permaculture calendar with it's permaculture principle per month has now caught up with me, so why not just stay in sync with that? 

The principle for March in the calendar is "Obtain a Yield". Indeed, I've been really busy obtaining yields of many kinds from the garden and scrambling to "Catch and Store" all that energy. 

As usual, a quote from David Holmgren's book, "Permaculture - Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability"... "...if we enjoy abundant, high-quality harvests, this will sustain us once the novelty has worn off and through the inevitable seasonal ups and downs." He also points out that any systems we design, which don't result in a yield will wither away. And it's not only in the garden where we need to see results for our actions. Who wants to keep turning up day after day to a job which doesn't satisfy or spend much time with people who wear us down?

Autumn is such a good time to reflect on yield...the major time when the efforts of the season are rewarded. Actually, the reflection is more for Winter. At this time of year there is still much work to be done drying, bottling, jam and chutney making. The influx can be near overwhelming but, what joyful work, and the sight of rows of jars for Winter eating is a wonderful thing. So to are the packets and jars of collected, dried and cleaned seed awaiting sowing in the Spring to come. I say this as though the work is all done, but the truth is that the kitchen is still a whirl of activity and the living room floor is half covered in drying beans, peas, amaranth, quinoa etc. (We have a concrete floor!)

On thinking about yield, there are those who say of permaculture systems, that if the design is right then eventually "all" one has to do is harvest. Just putting it out there that harvesting and storing are hard work too! Satisfying, but time-consuming work nevertheless.

Wishing you all a happy harvest season as you enjoy the yields resulting from a season of timely actions.