Permaculture Challenge

posted Nov 22, 2014, 4:11 PM by Family Organics
A quick update to start with...We have two batches of new chickens and another batch on the way. The first of our guinea pig population explosion arrived today. It's the first litter for the mother and she had two cuties. There are another three litters due any time. The three young geese are doing nicely and have managed to not drown themselves or anything stupid like that so far. Here's hoping. It's interesting to watch them. The females sit on and hatch their own clutch of eggs but then all the adults, males included, look after all the goslings.

We've had three wwoofers here for the past two weeks which has helped so much with getting work done at this busy time of year. 

And the challenge? I was weeding around some plants recently and feeding the weeds to the guinea pigs, which lead me to thinking about "stacking of functions" ie one "thing", be it an item of equipment, a building, a job etc having more than one function. Like the old saying, "killing two birds with one stone". Of course three or four would be even better. Anyway, all that got me thinking about the permaculture principals in David Holmgren's list and I thought it would be a bit of fun to challenge myself, and anyone else who would like to join in, to be thinking about those principals and log, (on the Family Organics Facebook page), the way I/we use them. The full list is below but let's just work on one at a time starting with the first one and add one every couple of days. Should keep me on my toes.
And remember that permaculture isn't just about growing food. I'd be keen to hear how people apply the principle in other areas of life, the universe and everything, (for Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy fans :) )