Integrate Rather than Segregate

posted Sep 20, 2015, 2:06 AM by Family Organics
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To Quote David Holmgren right from the outset..."In developing awareness of the importance of relationships in the design of self reliant systems, two statements in permaculture literature and teaching have been central:

 - each element performs many functions
 - each important function is supported by many elements."

We've tried to apply this at our place in various ways.
We can obtain water from several different sources. Most of it is gravity fed but we also have an electric pump and a petrol pump as back up options.
Our power is provided by solar and wind with generator backup. Hand in hand with generating electric power we reduce our need for electricity by cooking and heating water mainly with wood. We also use gas as back up for cooking. A major reduction in our need for electricity is the house design which is passive solar, capturing the heat of the sun and storing it in the concrete floor to heat the house. Cooling in Summer is part of the design too, the eaves keep the sun out and clerestory windows provide effective ventilation.

When we make a trip into town we try to do several things while we're there...common sense really. Some may think we took that slightly too far the evening we were going to a show in Opunake. Before meeting friends for pre-show dinner we nipped down to the beach, swapped shoes for boots and collected seaweed for the garden! You'd all go to a show in your farm ute...wouldn't you?